September 7, 2017


Have you ever planned for your life, set goals, dreamt big and things don’t work out the way you wanted? Or you have planned to do something but you just don’t have the energy to do it or any idea on how to start? You’ve always wanted to have more money, become fit, find a meaningful relationship and live a life full of purpose, but you always go back your old ways, fighting the same old demons.


Sometimes, it feels like something on the inside of you is sabotaging your natural drive towards your freedom. It whines and roars for you to stop whenever you push beyond your comforts; whenever you choose to be authentic, whenever you seek to make a difference and whenever you desire something magnificent that would require hardships to be conquered and the work of your internal demons poison you with worry and fear.

It is simply because most of us grew up with limitations; we grew up being taught that certain things are for certain people, yet all religions, cultures and sciences are branches of the same tree and they grant the human race a platform to freedom. But, we are still caged and feel the need to be validated by society, allowing ourselves to fall into its mazes of mediocrity and settling for pieces of rewards when nature has given us unlimited freedom and power in abundance.

My name is Malebo Oldjohn and my mission is to challenge what you have been taught to believe about yourself. I am passionate about helping people enrich their lives by letting go of old belief systems, bitterness, grudges, resentment and embrace forgiveness.