September 7, 2017


The Journey is a guide that is seeking to show women how to embrace their femininity and the importance of performing their traditional roles such as cooking, cleaning and taking care of their children. It teaches women how to take care of themselves, inside and out, the power of meditation and spending time with God, to dress well and look good. It also teaches them how to cook healthy food and the importance of exercising. The Journey, in short, is aimed at inculcating the culture of doing it for ourselves, especially for the youth and for women.


My Confessions Journal:

My confessions journal was inspired by Malebo Oldjohn-Tsindi’s book called Confessions. It is aimed at helping individuals to write about their own journey, and how they overcame their pain, struggles and rejection. At the end of each year a new edition of Confessions will be published, allowing readers a chance to publish their stories by submitting their journals to our publishing house using the contact details above. It is therefore advisable to have the book Confessions, prior to making use of this journal.


The pain of being raped as a child, and of being called a prostitute as a teenager, left me depleted and imprisoned by my own thoughts and judgement. The pain whispered a subliminal message into my subconscious mind that said “YOU ARE NOT WORTHY”, and as a result I’ve spent almost half of my life time believing that. I smoked my lungs out, drank alcohol as if there was no tomorrow. However, that’s not who I am now. I am not my past, I am not my pain and I am definitely not my mistakes. This book is designed to help anyone who has been through any type of pain or struggle to discover who they truly are. It is designed to teach you how to use you mess, pain and struggle to build unwavering faith. It is aimed at transforming your life as well as to elevate your relationships.